Monday, 8 March 2010

Springtime for Simplex

My current background project is "Genesix", the rebuild of one of the Moseley Railway Trust's original 20in gauge locomotives from the 1970's school project at Moseley Grammar School. It was bought last year from Alan Keef Ltd as a bare frame. Currently the chassis is completed and the only major part not fitted is the gearbox. This and other sundry parts have been sitting in the workshop since before Christmas painted in undercoat but the weather has been so cold I haven't dared to do the topcoat. Also, I wanted to spray it, as yellow is so horrible to brush paint. Anyway, now we are awaiting the first hints of spring as the yellow daffs start to appear, what better time to paint a bit more of that canary yellow to No. 6? I had forgotten how bright it was!

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